A nimble approach, a global outlook and an efficient, integrated business model—thats the power of GBS

PepsiCo Global Business Services (GBS) is a global growing team that works hand-in-hand with teams across the company to deliver, simplify and automate processes and solutions. With the main offices in the USA, India, Mexico, Poland and Russia, they introduce capabilities that can pioneer new ways of working and is composed of six different functions: finance, human resources, marketing and insights, sales, global procurement, and supply chain.

In short, they are a global team that works to make work more efficient.

The client ask was an entire rebrand of the Global Business Services unit, which included a new name, logo and brand guidelines, as well as templates for powerpoint presentations, email headers, one pagers, and zoom backgrounds in the new look and feel.


The start

PepsiCo Global Business Services team did not have a separate look from the overall PepsiCo brand. With no differentiating identity in place, the team was ready for a change. They were open to designs closer to the PepsiCo brand, as well as something completely new. Some of the key visual themes they wanted were speed, technology, automation, communication, globalization, and digitalization.

Logo Exploration


Final Logo

With the rebranded name PepsiCo Accelerators, the final logo option leaned heavily on the concept of acceleration and movement.  The fluid lines coming off the P and the italicized text leaned heavily into this new brand identity PepsiCo was going for.

Brand Identity

Once the logo was solidified, the next step was creating the identity system around the logo.

The idea of speed and acceleration was already integrated into the logo, next was finding a way to add in the ideas of communication and technology, as well as tying in the PepsiCo global offices.

In the PepsiCo Accelerators logo, these the dots and dashes peeling off at the ends convey speed and going forward. When standing alone, these two shapes provide a clean base for graphics, patterns and an entire identity system centered around global communication.


(the perfect code symmetry)