McDonald's across America!

Summertime is vacation time and Americans crave the
open road.

It’s the journey, not the destination. But with McDonald’s being a tradition and highlight for so many people’s road trips, why not make McDonald’s restaurants around the country destinations themselves?  

We curated travel routes for influencers, travel aficionados, and media that show the most interesting McDonald’s locations across the country—making them the sites to see on the perfect summer road trip. Not only that, but we created a McDonald's road trip kit with travel essentials, activities, and a road map pinpointing unique McDonald’s from coast to coast with illustrations and in-depth descriptions about each location.  

The kit was sent to media and influencers and a digital map was shared out on Twitter and Instagram.

Creative Director: Jamon Deaver
Copywriter: Ryan Biek


Drive-thru your
own McDonald’s adventure!

Where will your summer road trip take you? Check out these unique U.S. restaurants that are truly a “must-see!” during your next adventure